1980 nc50 45 mph?

I am wondering what you guys would recommend me buying to get my nc50 to go 45. all i need is 45 to keep up with my buddys

Re: 1980 nc50 45 mph?

pipe,dr70 kit,upjet, and most importantly SEARCH!!!!!!!!!


re-search information don't attempt to get spoon fed!

Re: 1980 nc50 45 mph?

i have done research but everyone has a different opinion just looking for an opinion on a nice carb to start with

Re: 1980 nc50 45 mph?

If its with a kit get a mikuni vm20.

Re: 1980 nc50 45 mph?

Yeah, if you go with a kit, I personally wouldnt go smaller than 18mm carb. Im running an 18 on my 50cc race bike and it rips, on a 70cc kit, it would be on the low end.

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