Q: Airsal 70cc (puch) better?

Anyone do any modifying to their Airsal 70cc?

Who out there has performed any mod's or is using any bigger carbs / pipes to get speeds over 45 mph?

I'm having trouble finding much information on this specific kit.

Currently, I have the Airsal + Tecno Boss + SHA 15 + E50.

The setup is super super reliable, but not fast.

I'm probably not going to touch it and throw the setup on a Maxi loaner, but I'm tempted to tinker before I invest in a new kit for my main moped.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: Q: Airsal 70cc (puch) better?

Beard Road Bruiser (SoB) /

Rumor has it that the timing on the Airsal 70 kit was killer. I think your limiting factor here is the 15 SHA and pipe.

Is it case matched? What crank? It would be easy to massage the port timing a little, but I don't know that kit at all.

Re: Q: Airsal 70cc (puch) better?

Road Rash Dave /

just installed that kit only the treats supreme kit with hi comp head and phgb 20 mm carb..........case matched it and jetted it rich for break in..it does GPS cert 48 mph with stock 78 maxi gearing... so it runs well....lose the sha carb just my 2 cents

Re: Q: Airsal 70cc (puch) better?

Road rash Dave , what intake are you using?

Re: Q: Airsal 70cc (puch) better?

Kaj Niegmann /

The Boss is fine, it doesn't limit RPM's or anything but the powerband won't hit as hard as other tuned pipes. Get a spigot mount PHBG, 19mm will be good, and that give you some more power.

Re: Q: Airsal 70cc (puch) better?

Probably Fred /

Is it timed 16-17 degrees? you got to time it correctly that will help top end

More then 45 mph with stock crank, stock timing, stock or low gearing with a hi rpm pipe like a boss is gonna give you fail

Re: Q: Airsal 70cc (puch) better?

Power is in the points! The Roff knows his shit. I would bet timing isn't tuned properly.

Re: Q: Airsal 70cc (puch) better?

Are u casce matched? If you are on the quest for speed. then, open the boost ports on the piston and raise the exhaust 2mm. If you dont already have a ton of dellorto jets you should get a mikuni vm18 instead, I wish I had invested in them first. That setup with a biturbo was doing +45.

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