New School M101

I seen a few of us are building some m101 engines up.

Most of the convo that was going on MA about these was in 2010, things seemed to have really died down since then. Hopefully we can touch base here and figure out some stuff.

I'm a total noob when it come to the Morini.

Kits: It seems that most are going with the 60cc kits that require no boring of the cases or added material. But when I look at the ports of some of these kits I cant bring myself to buy them. Why have a case inducted engine and not utilize the top transfer or even a boost port?

As far as the kits easily available this seems to be the best:

brn 43.5mm 60cc

Any thoughts aside from it being a pain to set up?

Maybe we can get some cases together to get machined and welded up?

What are you guys doing for ignition? I see the ducati one available on treats, but i hate switching from points unless its going to weigh less and give me a curve...

Variators? Iv never played with one, looks like you can use vespa parts for the rear, an there's a polini performance for the front?

Sorry if these questions are lame, i know Ed can chime in and slap me with morini dick of knowledge, but I'am hoping the few of us can get together and get some fast bikes.

Re: New School M101

A friend of mine just got a bunch of stuff for his Cosmo. He got the Polini kit and while it looks pretty nice (I.e. piston, casting) the ports are SO small. The exhaust port is so rinky 18mm at the flange haha. I just don't get it being a dual variated/alum cyl/crank inducted reedvalve engine! So much potential...

Regardless that said kit on a stock carb, circuit pipe, and Polini racing variator (it's a scooter one) will go nearly 55mph!

Re: New School M101

well for one if your talking about the m101 your looking at the wrong kits, the m1is case inducted reed block and the kit you linked too will work ONLY for those engines

however the m101 and m102 are piston ports and the only kit option for them is the

yet another fun fact however! garelli kits have the same stroke and stud pattern BUT there isnt enough meat on the case of the morini engines, so add some material to the case and use a garelli kit?

Re: New School M101

The m101 is case inducted

Re: New School M101

M1 and M101 have the same top end as far as I know.

Re: New School M101

yeah isn't m01 the PP?

Re: New School M101

M1: Case inducted, one speed, 39mm stroke

M101: Case inducted, dual variated, 39mm stroke

M01: Piston-port one speed, 41.8mm stroke

M02: Piston-port two speed, 41.8mm stroke

Re: New School M101

Paging Chad Burke and his latest disciple, Chris Baltard Schatzington. M101 build happening right now at Murderhouse with Uncle Chad's knowledge.

Austin, with those kits it may not be the most ripping motor ever, but it will be wonderfully rideable.

Re: New School M101

umm....i read about these all the way back to '02 with the help of search function...nate bandit did some amazing stuff with stock setup and even more amazing kitted, the chad rode every rally in 2011 on one faster and more reliably than pretty much any other ped i came across.

i need to rebuild mine cuz i seized the stock setup going over one of the bridges in new york the first night of the rally, i cleaned up the cylinder and stuck an EV blaster morini pipe on it and gained 10 mph and also about 3 more soft seizes.....

so i would stick a 13 on the front ( stock 32 on the rear) , grab a polini, a pipe, intake is already 14mm take advantage of and tear

Re: New School M101

i am excited to see what you come up with austin.

also i think ascout was a lil confused, usually he knows his stuff...i mean he does have a minty yellow m1 pacer he got for like a dollar somewhere.

Re: New School M101

william hautenredi Wrote:


> i am excited to see what you come up with austin.



> also i think ascout was a lil confused, usually he

> knows his stuff...i mean he does have a minty

> yellow m1 pacer he got for like a dollar

> somewhere.

ha yes, I forgot that the m101 was the same as the m1 with a variator, I love my m1 Pacer its a rocket 51mph all day on 57cc's 14/12 and a boss pipe I did ride it with you for a bit Will!

Re: New School M101

Clayton Bigsby /

anyone still messing with the m101? i just threw the polini kit on mine, and due to the weather havnt been able to mess with it much...

Re: New School M101


no everyone is either dead or rides motorcycles now. go home.

Re: New School M101

Pablo Puchasso /

Billy, you got that on the pacer you bought?

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