Adding performance parts to tomos targa LX with a35

chad Rebhun /

I have a 2000 tomos targa lx in great condition and stock. I want to make it go faster now that I live in a city and would like to really get around on it. I don't necessarily need so much more top speed because you can't go that fast around me, but I would like to increase my pick-up. I was told to add a biturbo exhaust which would increase the pick up and top speed, but for my moped that store would have to heat it and bend it to fit the bike. I bought one yesterday from a place that told me it would fit, but it doesn't and it definitely needs modifications. Are there any places that sell ones that fit? Also, the store I went to yesterday told me to upjet the carb with a 60. Will that have a large effect if I add it on without the biturbo or does one essentially go with the other? If they put the 60 upjet in do I need to do anything else or will it just go fast with it in? Any help is much appreciated as I am very new to this and don't know much about engines.

Re: Adding performance parts to tomos targa LX with a35


everything you have been told is true, however. . .

Here at Moped Army, we love people who take the time to work on their bike, creation, adventure and share with the people. trying to get help on you bike is sometimes crucial to getting a bike running or diagnosis of a symptom.

After Months to Decades of research, understanding and hands on training, we have a wealth of knowledge that any other forum may have to offer.

All we ask, is you take a serious amount of time to research your project at hand.

There is a wealth of knowledge in the "WIKI" section at the top of the screen. GO THERE EVERYDAY

Read about two stroke performance by Jennings or Graham (available on the WIKI)


with over ten years of knowledge we have gathered, there is almost no topic that can't be found. in fact, the search button will give you countless entries for just thread you started!!!!!

Personally, most people here can be rude and get angered by simple questions like this, and they will hunt you for it if you get them mad enough.

I think you should look at treats or 1977mopeds personally and get a better pipe than the biturbo which was outdated in 2005.

Re: Adding performance parts to tomos targa LX with a35

chad Rebhun /

Thank you very much for your advice. Just because I do not know so much about engines, does not mean I have not researched this topic. I am asking such a simple question because the research has led me to hear multiple different opinions. Not that they are all wrong, but I don't know who's to trust. If the biturbo pipe was outdated in 2005, why is the place I bought the moped in NJ and the place I went to outside of Boston really pushing to sell those? Do you haven an opinion about which to get and would it still have to be heated and bent? I have not been able to find an answer. As for the jets, some people say you don't need to change them, others say I should change them to a 56, but the store I went to to buy them suggested I put in a 60. I have not been able to find out if I put in the 60, will it really make a difference over the 56 because I don't want to kill the engine? I am a beginner but have been trying and am willing to learn, how can someone get mad at that?

Re: Adding performance parts to tomos targa LX with a35


- Estoril or Technigas.

2.How fast do you go?

3.How fast do you want to go?

4.Jetting will make a shitload of difference to your motor, you have to try to find out your gains so buy the next 2 sizes up. 2.50 a piece come on....

5.Don't argue with the guy who took time out of his day to help you......

Have a wonderful day.

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