Switching Gears

Stock 76 Puch Maxi came with a 14mm carb. I am thinking of getting a 19 tooth front sprocket for a few more MPH. I don't want to kit out the bike as the misses rides this one and I don't want to scare her with too much power. The maxi does 30 mph (Speedo and GPS). on the old stuff that I never cleaned when I put her together when I bought it last year. Just got it running and off we went. Now that the chopper is done, I am stripping this one down and cleaning out the carb, pipe and fuel tank. I have a 40 tooth sprocket for the rear already (not installed). Will just going to a 19 on the front boost her just a few MPH? is it worth it? Should I change both? 19x 45 or 19 x 40 which is a better set up? All motor, carb and pipe is staying stock.

Boring out an old 12mm bing to a 15.88mm, so I might throw that on and upjet, at most. See what that does.

Re: Switching Gears

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

1-speed or 2-speed? I run 18x45 on my 1-speed.

Re: Switching Gears

Michael Peditto /

1 speed. What kind of speed are you getting?

Re: Switching Gears

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

The pipe is going to be what really holds you back. I'm running a 14 on my Puch Polini with a pipe & it works just fine. Still get good mileage. You may be lugging your Puch if it's geared too high.

Re: Switching Gears

Probably Fred /

If stock leave it

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