Better Peugeot Brakes, Throttle & Brake Controls

Andy Pabstalaniec /

I'm kind of sick of the brakes on my 103. They'll stop you, but at this point you have to pull HARD for them to stop, and the grips are stock magura (hard plastic), and don't absorb vibration very well. Chews up my riding gloves and is just sort of a pain, makes for a rough ride.

Original brake pads, stock controls. Could there be something to having old brake pads that makes the stopping worse (old hardened pads?). Should I just get a new set of controls, and does anyone have some that they like?


Re: Better Peugeot Brakes, Throttle & Brake Controls

of course disc brakes are best, but expensive overkill for many riders. new brakes never hurt either.

i just keep it quick & cheap. with use, the brake pads get glazed. i just scuff the glaze off with a fine file perpendicular across the pad, then wipe off the dust with a dry cloth (or blow it out with compressed air if you don't care about your lungs). also wipe any dust out of the hub. and i hope everyone who reads this is smart enough not to use any fluid that will leave the brakes slippery. i guess they have "brake kleen" or something, but i've never used it.

i like the oury grips, nice n cozy. folks say they get gummy, but i always ride with gloves so mine are fine.

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