Yamaha Razz clutch problems

I know it's not a moped, but I used to have the latter and this site was always so helpful. I'm having problems with the clutch--or at least I think it's the clutch. The scooter will unexpectedly die on me, usually at stops. I just bought it off someone who was desperate to sell before moving, so he didn't give me a full tutorial. How do I drive it and ensure it doesn't suddenly die? When do I know when to keep the clutch "closed" or "open" or halfway? Do I have to adjust it the whole time I drive? What's it even doing, anyway?

Yup, I'm ignorant. Please help!

Re: Yamaha Razz clutch problems

Re: Yamaha Razz clutch problems

What do you mean by carb problem, please? And how do I fix that?

Re: Yamaha Razz clutch problems

My best two guesses:

Idle jet clogged

Problem with the automatic choke

That's the last reply I'll post to this thread. If you need more help, check out www.provoscooter.com and hopefully you'll find someone helpful.

Re: Yamaha Razz clutch problems

stefan bacon /

Ok, your first problem is that what you think is the clutch, actually has nothing to do with the drivetrain. you're probably playing with the choke, that plastic thumb lever on the left handlebar. that restricts how far the carburetor can open up to let air in. Put the choke on, the engine runs rich, lot's of fuel and not enough air. this is helpful when starting the engine cold. having little to do with the temperature of the engine, it basically means the fuel system has drained since you last ran the bike. The Razz has a centrifugal clutch, meaning when you bring the engine past a certain rpm, the clutch engages by itself. This, like a manual clutch can wear out, but it's probably not your problem. If the engine is dying, you probably need to clean out your carburetor, I have a Razz as well, and i had the same problem. one thing you can try is sea foam. Most carb/fuel system cleaners won't help much with a 2 stroke engine, but sea foam helps. It probably won't solve your problem entirely, I STRONGLY advise checking/changing/installing the/an air filter. When I was having problems, they were caused by a disintegrated air filter that had gummed up the carburetor, which you might need to clean out. Look on youtube, there are tons of videos on how to clean carburetor jets.

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