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hey wondering how well you can get a model 7 to run with one of there stock exhaust if moded to give me better performance. if any one has tried this or knows how well i would like to hear how well it can make my model 7 run. right now im using a le moped pipe sticking it up and out the left side of the bike. looks pretty cool but the brackets holding it on do not look as nice.

Re: model 7

The internals of the squashed blunderbuss is similar to the round ones, basically the best path would be to replace the backing plate with a temporaty blank plate with a 10mm (3/8") exit hole and try over sozing the hole until there is no difference in performance. It will be loud so if the neighbours complain to the level of having the cops hassle you then you would want to put a pipe with the same inside diameter as the size you discovered is best and piccolo it (cap the inside end and drill a load of holes for a baffle).

Re: model 7

Gromosaurus Rex - Brad Pitt /

Pics of le mond pipe please

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