Kitted Peugeots and Stock Clutches

Andy Pabstalaniec /

Something I wanted to share with you guys. I've been running a Malossi 70cc kit, 16 phbg, multivar variator, stock clutch, ax32, 1.2mm BTDC .016" point gap for about 2+ years and it's been a really fast and reliable, all-day blasting build. But I noticed it had gotten REALLY hard to start in the past year. I don't run a decomp because I don't want to burn a hole in my piston, which is rumored to be common with performance peugeots, so compression is high and you're pedaling (no kickstand, ninja g3) on flats, trying to turn it over successively, fast enough to start it. It was getting tough. I could basically only start it on an incline or spin the flywheel with a powerdrill and the belt off.

I went through a bunch of stuff: replaced the belt frequently, replaced starter clutch arms, set the starter clutch arm springs to their outer (less tight) setting, reset timing a bunch of times thinking it might be spark. Even thought it might be reeds or something funky like that. None of that worked.

Finally I tried the main clutch disc, which I always ignored. The old disc looked fine and it's the main clutch, not the starter clutch so who cares... but this was the last variable so I finally swapped it with a new one, and guess what, it was ALL the difference. Started in two revolutions of the back wheel.

After replacing it, I learned something about the stock clutch performance. The main clutch disc is more of a starter clutch and the starter clutch arms, are more of the main clutch. This was the biggest point of confusion, and if I had known that, I would've had this fixed a long time ago.

Making the arms engage later doesn't make it harder to start at all, because the disc is what grabs for you to start. I noticed since I loosened the starter clutch springs, the bike engages sooner, so I'm gonna fix that. It starts EASY, in one turn of the pedal with the new main clutch disc... which technically is supposed to engage the drive train when you start.

So anyways. It seems the main clutch disc is a major part of the starter clutch, if you've got a high-compression kitted engine with no decomp, pay close attention to the disc. (edited)

Re: Kitted Peugeots and Stock Clutches

So everything people have said about peugeot clutches has been backwards?

I think you may have just had something assembled wrong.

Re: Kitted Peugeots and Stock Clutches

Andy Pabstalaniec /

Maybe. I had to mod some stuff to get the multivar to work with my stock clutch and have the proper space/alignment. But in general I think the stock clutch performs much different with a performance set-up. My stock engine didn't even have a clutch disc, but it didn't matter cuz the compression wasn't as high and it had a decomp, and didn't generate as many rpms as the 70cc kit with a bigger carb.

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