Consensus on best carb..

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just respond with your personal experience what is the best overall carb. youve used..

2-stoke and 4 stroke for 50cc engine...

i think everyones experience will help those looking to upgrade/ modify there ride, giving them a starting point without doing what i did and buying several different carbs for testing....

it would be nice to keep this as a sticky for futurre reference for everyone..

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Re: Consensus on best carb..

Pleanty of information, just do some quick searching.

Im happy with mikuni/keihin, never played with a bing/dell/"phbg"

I dislike cv carburetors but they are nice. I just hate the rubber in them =[

and vacuum secondaries.

stock will usually suffice unless it is in a bad spot, untunable, you need to race, known to be a pile of crap, or whatever.

Loss of mileage will result in [some] cases so whatever

what do you need to know?

Re: Consensus on best carb..

big fan of the holley dual pumper setup. they make an 850cfm that has some beans.

rochester q-jet is nice for a daily driver, better gas mileage, but they can be ugly to tune.

Re: Consensus on best carb..

Re: Consensus on best carb..

mikuni vm20 is the best i`ve used. i have used some e-bay el-cheapo`s that worked quite well for stockers or mild builds. by that i mean just bolting up a kit w/a cheap pipe and good reeds. just make sure you get a carb that is for a 2t.

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