Moped Factory - Tomos A35 16mm SHA Intake Review

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My review of the Moped Factory SHA intake for the Tomos A35

It goes without saying that the Dellorto SHA is liked by some and hated by others. Without debating the usefulness or tunability of the SHA carb, I'd like to share my experiences with the Moped factory SHA Intake for the Tomos A35.

The intake is well made and the blue powder coated finish is very good. The machine work is well done and overall the construction is excellent, especially considering the fact that these units are made by such a small "company". While not absolutely necessary, I chose to do a little port matching where the intake tube is welded to the flange, widening up the opening a bit and smoothing things out to keep the air fuel mix from developing any turbulence.

Installation on my 2006 ST was straight forward, and didn't require any special tools, techniques, or extreme cursing. I had replaced the stock Tomos intake bolts with aftermarket ones when I installed my previous intake, something I'd recommend since the stock Tomos ones seem to be a little soft and have a pretty shallow "cup" for the allen wrench to sit in. I used a new gasket and applied a little #2 Permatex gasket sealant as insurance against any air leaks. Then I connected my SHA 16.16 to the intake and was pleasantly surprised at how close the carb was to the frame. Carb placement is nearly perfect! There are no clearance issues with the pedal arm, petcock, or anything else for that matter. The carb is tucked nicely next to the frame, which is great for those people who don't like their carbs to be "sticking way out" like me.

Some of you who are reading this may be wondering if the carb will fit under the sidecover when using this intake... The short answer is YES, but only if you use a VERY short airfilter. When I say short, I mean REALLY short. The SHA "screen" filter will work, IF you don't use the black cap and clip (securing it some other way), or if you use pantyhose and a clamp or something similar. You will also need to cut a small notch in the top part of the sidecover for the throttle cable to clear. Unfortunately, neither the SHA filter WITH the black cap or the short screen filter that Treats sells will fit under the sidecover without hacking a hole in the sidecover for clearance, so thats what I ended up doing. Of course for those of you who don't run sidecovers, it won't matter. Sidecover or not, even the short Treats filter had some slight clearance issues that had to be addressed. A couple light taps with a hammer, and the clearance issue was gone...!

Performance..... This thing rips! With my setup, (Airsal 65cc, Tecnigas Next, 27/22 gearing), power off the line is amazing and instantaneous! In comparison, my old homebrew 16mm intake had some "lag" off the line, whereas this one is very snappy. On the top end, I actually gained 3-4 mph over my old intake, maxing out at around 46 MPH (GPS) on a flat road. (I made the test runs back to back so that the air temp and stuff would be the same, and used the same air filter and jet for consistency) Keep in mind that the Tecnigas pipe is not a "top end" pipe, so with a different pipe, and a lighter rider, my top speed would be higher.

In conclusion, for those of you who want to run a SHA on your A35, this is THE intake to use! I highly recommend it!

I purchased mine HERE

Re: Moped Factory - Tomos A35 16mm SHA Intake Review

The 16 mm is very close to the optimum not maximum and therefore should be very snappy on your throttle. You should be able to reach 52 to 55 mph by shortening that pipe 3 3/4 to 4 inches. I think that was the year that some of the cdi units didn't have the rev limiter. Hope you got the better one. None the less I think you have a pretty sweet set up.

Re: Moped Factory - Tomos A35 16mm SHA Intake Review

Hey thanks for the nice review!! Glad it worked out for ya!

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