Tuning Issues: HELP HELP

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Ok here is where Im at as of today. AND THIS IS DRIVING ME FKN CRAZY!

Here is what I have:

Tomos a35

Techno Boss pipe

Dellorto 17.5 Carb 92 fuel jet

Airsal kit

I got it running pretty solid with adjustment of the needle.

Yesterday I decided to bore out the factory a35 intake to 3/4in(17mm) to potentially match my carb and changed the reeds to Mollassi carbon from 1977 but they were too long initially and wouldn't allow any air flow to pass, so I had to trim them slightly.

Just checked compression and the the carb 10x and everything is up to par.

The carb is currently at the following.

Starter jet: 50

Idle Jet: 25

Main: 84

Needle: 2nd from the bottom.

Ive tried downsizing main jet to 60's and every needle adjustment and all have failed worst then the current settings.

Appears to run but doesn't idle the greatest. Gets up to about 35mph but definitely has lost some low end torque and high end speed.

What gives??? Suggestions/ Input please????!!!!

Re: Tuning Issues: HELP HELP

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i don't know a lot about reed kits, but that 25 idle jet seems way low. I have a dell 16mm carb with a 42 idle. adjusting the needle is the last thing you adjust, not the first.

Re: Tuning Issues: HELP HELP

Always start with your idle circuit, then work your way up from there.

On dellortos, there are needle, slide and atomizer sizes as well. Which atomizer do you have? AN or AU?

Idle changes will change the whole jet range.

Next is needle, atomizer and slide cutaway

Last is main jet

Re: Tuning Issues: HELP HELP

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Here is the carb that I have but it says Dellorto on it, I dont think its a clone.

Re: Tuning Issues: HELP HELP

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Problem solved, Carbon reed was cracked/defective from day one of installation.

Re: Tuning Issues: HELP HELP

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Fuck Doug when you going to do a fucking search BITCH.

Re: Tuning Issues: HELP HELP

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one day crazy wayne, ill be at ur esteemed level.

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