ported, cut vespa/kinetic jet question

michael talbert /

Trying to get this thing to idle. I have a kinetic with intake port opened up (no problem with the crank sealing). conservatively cut crank (I cut the intake portion), opened up the transfers alil, and raised the exhaust prob less than a mm and chamfered all. I was just curious what jet range I should be around. I have a 1313 and put the biggest jet I have 72 in there. It will idle for a couple seconds then die.

Re: ported, cut vespa/kinetic jet question

I was running a 72 jet on a Dr kitted Vespa, with a cut crank, drilled case, high comp head, 13.13 and Circuit pipe. Jet sounds high. What's tour plug look like?

Re: ported, cut vespa/kinetic jet question

Yeah, probably mid 60s would be best depending on the weather and what air filter and pipe you're running.

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