korado or supermaxi

So I just bought a cylinder that I was told was a korado but I'm believing it to be a supermaxi (has a 3 hole intake). Anyone have any pics of both for comparisons? Any performance differences such as port sizing? I'm not complaining that its possibly a supermaxi I kinda just wanted either since I'm going to try and race next year.

Re: korado or supermaxi

Korado has decent casting and resembles a magnum cylinder. Supermaxi looks a lot like the hero 65cc kit casting and has the same fin style.



supermaxi cylinder

The second pic is huge, so you'll have to load it separately.

Re: korado or supermaxi

what year did they make the super maxi?

Re: korado or supermaxi

@dirty dave that is a super maxi cylinder? Same as hero puch?

Shitty casting and intake is angled

Re: korado or supermaxi

my intake doesnt look angled but is a 3 hole intake. casting looks good but the transfers have some casting flaws just as my hero does the port windows just have some material that could be cleaned up.

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