Which exhaust?

This will be my fist exhaust I'm putting on my maxi. I know these are cheaper exhausts but I wanna start off small. Which one would you recommend. Both are on eBay new. PUCH TECHNO BULLET PERFORMANCE MOPED EXHAUST or PUCH TECHNO BOSS PERFORMANCE MOPED EXHAUST JC PENNY


Re: Which exhaust?


Re: Which exhaust?

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /



Re: Which exhaust?

Ok perfect. Thanks guys

Re: Which exhaust?

I suggest boss, since the bullet falls apart after about 3 months of riding.

Boss is solid welded, and stays together better.

Re: Which exhaust?


Re: Which exhaust?

Probably Fred /

Techno circuit

No pedal issues

Better powerband for stock

Less clutch tuning

Re: Which exhaust?

Get a hunter and be rad. Super rad really. Amazing torque and crazy extreme flashy chrome. Be the master. Take destiny into your own hands. HUNTER!

Re: Which exhaust?

Proma GP or Circuit, unless you want to go for a 65cc+ kit get a Bullet or Boss. Personally had a GP, liked it for low end even with a 50cc kstar it was decent, now I have a homoet 4p and I love the high end on it alot. It all depends what you want out of your bike....

Also go to the wiki and look for puch pipe summary page it should help you alot, learn port matching and you'll be blasting...

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