av10- polini cases vs stock cases

Mike Piarowski /

which produce better performance? I'm running the malossi h20 kit. and i'm just wondering if somebody had experience experimenting with both of them

Re: av10- polini cases vs stock cases

Ed - Dead Possums /

I am about to do the same 50cc Malosssi h2o build and was told the stock case was the way to go by these guys...


He said stock cases work better on a 50cc. Look what he builds, i trust him!

Re: av10- polini cases vs stock cases

Tracy Meade /

Stock works fine, but honestly there isn't that huge of a difference. If you are planning to do something huge like a 22-24 mm carb and port for crazy rpms you may benefit more from polini cases than I did. I would tell a newb just to go for stock cases merely because it is cheaper.

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