vespa si upgraded cylinder kit. need help!

So I'm trying to help my girlfriends moped go faster. It is a 1980 vespa si. I upgraded the cylinder size to a

vespa malossi 43mm 64cc cylinder kit - 12 pin - bravo head. So I put it all together and followed the tuning spread sheet and I can get it to start up, but it is not running at it's full throttle or idling. It see to be flooding and puking gas out of the muffler. I dropped the jet size from a recommended 78 to a 67 and it is still puking gas. Just so you know I am running a dellorto SHA 12.10 carburetor and also performance pipe. Anybody have any idea's

Re: vespa si upgraded cylinder kit. need help!

Todd Robertson /

I totally found an air leak around where you attach carb to the intake of the engine. I was thinking of trying like a liquid silicone for a qasket. the only other thing I can think to do is to buy a new carb.

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