Idle gets higher, and higher, and

Clayton Bigsby /

My idle likes to get high. and does not know when to stop getting high.

i have to choke start it. and when i do it idles as if im reving it up to infinity.

There are no airleaks, ive sprayed 2 cans of cleaner at it.

the cable is not pulling or sticking.

good compression.

timed 17*

on richest needle setting.

what gives?

thnx dudes.

Re: Idle gets higher, and higher, and

Clayton Bigsby /

ok, so i fingered it out.... kinda.

incase anyone searches this and know it is not a stuck throttle, or airleak....

i hade a 21 phbg race carb on it. i switched it out for a regular 21 from another bike. Now it is acting WAY better.

moral of the story is: You Dont Know How To Tune Your Carb.

love ya.

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