14 bing to sha 15 swap

so i've had this sha 15.15 in a box for almost a year, is it even worth it to swap? my maxi runs like a chap but i have this extra carb sitting there doing nothing with it;s life. my real question is, they both have 68 jets in them, could i theoretically swap them with out having to test to see how it's running or is there a subtle difference that could cause my moped indigestion of the carb?

Re: 14 bing to sha 15 swap

Beard Road Bruiser (SoB) /

Enzo, what kit are you running on the bike? I know my 15SHA on my KStar was pretty tempermental at 70 and is much happier with the 72 thats in it now. Possibly even wondering about jumping up to 74 to keep it safe.

Re: 14 bing to sha 15 swap

no, the 14 bing is a much better carb than the 15sha. any difference from the size will be lost by the sha not being tuned as well.

Re: 14 bing to sha 15 swap

bing has a needle, sha doesn't, forget that sha

Re: 14 bing to sha 15 swap

No kit, just stock with a super stuffy crank and a hihi comp head, I was basically thinking out loud and trying to convince myself to not mess with my set uP, which worked out for me, maybe I'll just sell the whole set up

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