Minarelli V2 project

So I have a 79 Motron w\ V2. I am lucky to have scored this ped a cpl months back and it is in basically perfect stock condition at the moment. So here's phase one of the project.

I currently have in my possession:

21mm Dellorto PHBG racing carb (black)

21mm MLM intake (white)

PHBG K&N air filter (not sure if its gonna clear the front fender yet)

MLM St. Ripper Exhaust


NOS Leo Vinci expansion chamber exhaust (got while the st. ripper was out of stock shipped from Italy)

Sava 16x2.25 Sava P8s (ordered MC2s but these came.. they will work for the time being until I figure out if I can use 16x2.5)

Waiting on:

Polini 75cc Kit (back ordered should have in about 2 more weeks (ugh, im impatient) -- To my understanding I will need to modify the kit to fit the V2 (according to Tim from cinci who has a bad mama jamma V2)

Any thoughts on the project? As far as performance. I havent ordered a new head yet as I havent found one in stock that sounds right.. advice? Its taken me a few months to get all the parts I have so far and want to make sure I'm not over looking anything.

BTW, when I got this ped the owner told me the owner prior to him had rebuilt the engine from handy bikes stock (so it has been at least a little while since that happened). Im assuming at this point that all the seals are in good to great shape I have to reason to believe otherwise.

One thing I'm concerned about is timing as I have no experience with timing. A friend here in town put a polini kit on his v1 and had issues with it until he adjusted the timing, anything I should do in advance to prepare for that? Buy new points or will the old ones be fine?

Thanks for any advice and if anyone wants pictures I'll be happy to take them. Should have a NOS seat in the mail anytime now, once thats on there I'll be more than happy to post some ;)

Re: Minarelli V2 project

Ryan Westphal /

Oh yea, think I should use the pancake exhaust, leo vince, or st ripper for break-in?

Also, I see variator weights listed in the minarelli section of 77mopeds. Anyone know if those work on the v2 or advice on that? Thats not part of my initial build but possibly in the future.

I am also curious about the gears. Anyone know if the v1 gears work on V2? Tim said something along the lines of being unsure about changing the gears for clearance reasons.

I havent broken this bike down in anyway other than to fix the variator belt as it was dry rotted and blew as soon as I got the ped. I will be tearing it down as soon as I get word that the polini kit is in the mail. Until then I ride and enjoy the V2 in all its stock perfectly running glory as it will never be the same.


Re: Minarelli V2 project

breaking it in with the pancake/stock carb aint a bad idea.

Re: Minarelli V2 project

Ryan Westphal /

A good idea, actually.. I didnt even consider that.. Whats a good estimate on how much I should upjet for that? Id hate to spend too much time\money buying jets I will probably never use again..

Re: Minarelli V2 project

thats a terrible idea. build it once and do it right.

you need high pressure, low temps and moderate speed for a good break-in. running stock components will be a mess.

Re: Minarelli V2 project

My understanding the v2 rollers are of a proprietary size... make your own...???

Re: Minarelli V2 project

Ryan Westphal /

I can see it both ways. I'm down either way. I suppose as long as I'm running proper fuel/air it should be fine either way.

Re: Minarelli V2 project

Ryan Westphal /

You may very well be right. I plan to tear it down at some point in the future, maybe winter. I'm also going to see how it runs after the initial build before I decide whether I even need to mess with such things.

Anyone know about the sprockets and whether they are interchangeable with the v1\v1L's?

Re: Minarelli V2 project

i have 4 of the V2 and a couple c2 the sprockets are interchangable. on the c2 you can run vespa variator parts. the polini kit will run better with a 19mm phbg and toss the pancake pipe. no real mods needed to run the polini on the v2. you are better off getting a pipe that breaths across the rpm range than all high end. remember there are not a lot of the v2 parts still out there

Re: Minarelli V2 project

Ryan Westphal /

So basically what you are saying is the 21mm is a bit too much and the St. Ripper is too much top end for what I should be looking to do, eh?

At the time of ordering the 19mm intake was out of stock. Only reason I ended up with the St. Ripper is because it became available with less than 5 in stock so I jumped on the opportunity. I plan to run the Leo Vinci initially and at some point test out the St Ripper at a later time.

As far as the sprockets go, you trying to sell me some? :)

Thanks for the input as I really appreciate it. Just to be clear, the 21mm will work, but probably just a bit overkill for what it will need to perform optimally?

Also, regardless of anything else, Ive found how hard ANYTHING is to find for the V2 and I will never push it to an unsafe rpm. Its my baby and I will treat it as such. Just want to make a monster out of it because I can ;)

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