How to deal with frame rust

Michael Dreamboat /

The wiki makes rust on other metal parts seem to be a small problem at most. Some steel wool and some wax for example seems to be a good fix for handlebar rust as well as other parts.

But what about the actual frame? The wiki seems to suggest sanding out the rust on the frame and then new paint job. I don't really wanna mess up the current stock color with a rattlecan job, and I don't think there's any powder coaters around here, or if I could even afford it if so.

A quick and easy fix would seem to be sanding out the rust and going over the small areas with a matching paint marker and some wax, which would be easy if the frame was black or a common blue or something, but I have that gray/silverish puch color frame on a 77 maxi.

Any suggestions?

Re: How to deal with frame rust

muratic acid 50/50

it will DISSOLVE rust, and only deoxygenize the steel.

rinse it 20 times and leave it on sun for 2 days for oxygen to normalize

You will see major surface rust develops in hours- its a good rust only.002

Hit it with rustolenium primer its has similar acids in it as well.

Watch the concrete floor it will eat it.

If you want something milder ospho acid. goes only .002 or something

(and ospho is a part of rustolenium primer system as well por15) (edited)

Re: How to deal with frame rust

Michael Dreamboat /

And what about the paint? That was my main concern with taking the rust off.

Re: How to deal with frame rust

okay i just edited previous but ive got sopmething for your paint needs:))

3rd type its called oxalic acid (wood bleach)

it will leave rubber, plastic and paint in place. test it first,its a mildest of them all. (edited)

Re: How to deal with frame rust

Jeremy Calton /

If its close to the engine you may need high temp/ enamel.

You could just get a flat clear coat if you don't want to color match.

Re: How to deal with frame rust

Use CLR drain cleaner on surface rust. It'll take it off like nothing, and shouldn't hurt the paint.

Re: How to deal with frame rust

Meh - Leave it.

put aside a few bucks and sand it/sandblast/paint it all at once some day and be done with it ... but for now dont worry about it :)

Re: How to deal with frame rust

M∆®†Y Køk€š /

agree, sandblast and paint it all at once.

Re: How to deal with frame rust

SkUG SkUGosarus /

I've used Kurust in the past - chemically changes the rust blah blah etc

Re: How to deal with frame rust

Powdercoat it!

Re: How to deal with frame rust

Mike Piarowski /

I fail to see how this is performance

Re: How to deal with frame rust

first: not performance

to fix that problem:

get some steel wool/ chore boy pads and evaporust/acid/CLR/whatever. Scrub the affected area until you dont see any brown. This will wreck the paint in the affected area, but thats ok.

sand with 220 just to rough up the paint in the area around the rust, sand with 400 to finish.

Mask the area around the rust and shoot with rust preventing primer, white if you can find it, but it is usually grey

wet-sand the primer when it is dry just enough so the paint starts showing a little bit

spray the area with silver spray paint, use 2-4 very light coats followed by one heavy finish coat

when dry, go over the edges where the two paint colors come together with 800 grit sand paper, then 1000 grit, then 1500 grit, then clay bar and finish the whole bike with rubbing compound.

then wax it, i prefer NuFinish wax, but you can use whatever.

your bike will look like 10000000000 bucks.

you should probably have a long seat because your shit will look so clean all the ladies' are gonna want a ride at this point.

this is also the procedure for repairing any sort of paint blemish on any sort of car/motorcycle/boat/anything.

Re: How to deal with frame rust

oh yeah, also, most spray paint will take at least 2-3 days to dry hard enough that you can wet sand it, so be sure to let that do its thing and dont rush it or you'll have a mess.

Re: How to deal with frame rust

^ or you could do it that way.

Definitely need a long seat afterwards.

Re: How to deal with frame rust

I have had great luck with evaporust. But I only use it to soak rusty nuts/screws etc.

Aluminum foil is actually very effective at removing rust from steel. Its not as hard on surfaces as steel wool. So, you cant scratch the steel with it.

Add water to aluminum foil and surface your polishing(its amazing at taking rust or anything else off of chrome and steel surfaces)

Rub surface lightly you will see the water turn a dark color. Wax afterwards.

Aluminum foil and water against steel creates aluminum oxide which actually chemically removes the extra oxygen molecules in rusted metal.

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