Polini help please

Current set up: Case matched polini, 19mm phbg carb,malossi reed block, hi comp head, and treats pipe.

I went from a treats reed kit with 17mm phbg carb hi comp head and tecno circut and it was running fine (Sort of). Seized the cylinder and i changed it. cased matched the newish polini i got after i cleaned it up and now i've been stuck. I have gas/spark/compression but the motor won't start up. I had nearly the same set up on the treats reed kit and it started quarter kick. I went back through and made sure everything was tightened down and sealed up i can't start it to figure out if there is a leak. Could it be timing? (i'm still running points) Even if the timing is off would i still get a spark? If timing is the issue is there anyone that can put it in lamens terms for me i've read about it till my eyes fell out it still barely makes sense. I hope a wizard comes fourth and helps me.



Re: Polini help please

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Piston upside down

You need choke for a polini to start cold

Re: Polini help please


Thanks for the suggestion. If i put the piston upside down i'll deliver 2 swift punches to my face haha. I tried to start it every way i know. I assumed the window on the piston was supposed to face up is that an incorrect assumption? This is my first time taking on a polini and i was jus trying to be as careful as possible. After work i'm going to give that a try and hopefully you just solved my worries.

Re: Polini help please


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