E50 Treats kit to a Treats 70cc

I've currently got the Treats 50cc kit, that's been port matched. My question is. Will I be able to bolt on the 70cc kit w/out having to make additional mods to the ports to fit the 70cc..?

I've *heard* that the ports between the Treats 70 and 50 cc are virtually identical.

Re: E50 Treats kit to a Treats 70cc

From the pictures on treats, the 70cc's ports look like they are a fair bit larger. You don't NEED to port match, though. If you throw that 70cc kit on without port matching, you'll gain a lot of power over that 50cc kit. The only thing is, you'll then be thinking about how you could have port matched it and it might have been a little better...

Re: E50 Treats kit to a Treats 70cc

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The 70cc ports are larger. Case match it up. Don't just half ass it. It takes a few hours to pull the motor and do it right(ish if you just fill the chamber with plumbers putty and don't actually split the cases) and then you can get the full amount of upgrade out of the kit.

Re: E50 Treats kit to a Treats 70cc

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Well I would leave that you got on cause chances are your running stock crank bushing and stock totally too advanced timing and your jetted for the smaller kit the 50 cc gots a small exhaust port and 70cc got a big one so your exhaust may need to be opened or changed. You will need a 70 cc head or mod your stock one .

So going to 70 cc you may need to change


Timing to 17 degrees

Case match

Carb and or jetting

Head or mod head

Exhaust maybe

Re: E50 Treats kit to a Treats 70cc

I'm hitting 57 on a stock transfer/70cc setup.

Run it as is, gps, then match it later and gps again.

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