Tomos case match? Downjet?

Silver Bullet with stock A3 bottom and everthing else except..

A3 party top end/head/vm20 carb/stuff

bullet pipe

I didn't even think about the ports not matching up, does anyone know if they do, or if i should try to match them?

Also, it runs fine for a little while, but dies after 5 minutes and is wet inside. i haven't done a plug chop yet, becuase i'm still trying to break it in, using this as a guide the jet that came with the carb is 180, should i downjet, or should i adjust something else?

if i missed the answer in the wiki/forums, lemmi kno. thanks yo

Re: Tomos case match? Downjet?

Chan Zap /

and in your opinion what's the best pipe for hilly seattle riding? i kind of remember something about a "seattle pipe" but i could be making shit up.

Re: Tomos case match? Downjet?

180 sounds pretty rich for that setup. I have a similar setup with a 165 in it. As far as pipes go, I'm really happy with how my a55 rides with an estoril. I used to struggle up hills in second gear. Super quiet pipe too. My carb is louder than the exhaust.

Re: Tomos case match? Downjet?

145-165 depending on pipe, case match, head, etc...

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