Puch E50 performance on muggy/humid days

Since the weather has been ridiculously hot/humid in upstate NY that last few days, the Maxi has been boggy, not a lot of throttle response. I know this is from the super moist air being pulled by the carb. The question is, how to combat this..? Upjet..? Or run leaner on oil in the Fuel/Oil mixture..?

Re: Puch E50 performance on muggy/humid days

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Well this is how I look at it. I leave the same jetting all year. It's hot out and if you down jet then you make your engine run hotter and can cause a seize. Also you can seize when your bike is cold cause it's running lean .

The most I would do is move 1 clip on the needle.

Yep today is 93 and humid where I live. I'm dealing with a sweaty 24 mm mikuni and a few mph slower but Im not changing my jetting for a day or so

When my head temps are still cool enough for WOT.

Ya I'm only hitting 55mph instead of near 60 oh well

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