Polini piston skirt trimming.

Does anybody trim the intake side of their piston for better flow? I'm reshaping the window to make it line up with the cylinder better, and I realized that you could take a bit off the skirt to open that window back up at tdc. Anybody try this?

I'm not sure if this has been covered by anybody already, searching throught the wiki and old posts is a hassle on my phone.

Re: Polini piston skirt trimming.

Trim too much off the top of a piston and you may get piston slap and cause it to crack.

Re: Polini piston skirt trimming.

I bolted it all back together already, but I think it needed like 5 or 6mm trimmed. I left it alone. Just centered the window and called it good.

Re: Polini piston skirt trimming.

Salsa Salsa /

How is it running?

Re: Polini piston skirt trimming.

Oh, I'm sure it's running great. But it's still sitting on my dining room table. I need to find a new seat before I go any further.

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