foxi confusion.

Things are moving slow with this foxi baron i got for $50. I got it running after cleaning the carb and exhaust out but it is so slow. it cant get up even the slightest incline but it can get pretty fast on flat ground.

The rear wheel does not spin freely for more than half a turn or so if i give it a whirl when its powered off and on the stand. Is that a sign of Clutch problems or is it normal as a result of having two chains? I've done a good deal of research but haven't come across a clear answer to what this implies. The wheel spins freely when its of the bike so i figure it doesn't need to be repacked. Its got a 504 1a and a 12mm bing. thanks, nick

Re: foxi confusion.


Re: foxi confusion.

check for froze up chains, they should flex without resistance, check your plug and points, points should open about .4mm (.o16 in) plug shoud be tan. clean air filter? clean plug and points

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