Pictures of port chamfers

Christian Giron /

Any pictures of your cylinder after you've chamfered it?

Just trying to get an idea of good angles/appropriate amounts to chamfer before I rebuild this thing.

Re: Pictures of port chamfers

Hard to take a picture in the cylinder. Basically you want to just knock the corner off the horizontal edge of the port windows so the ring do not snag the edge. Around 10-15 degree angle from the cylinder side about 1mm margin.

Re: Pictures of port chamfers

0.5mm should do the trick, based on old literature. I've never actually measured the width or angle, just took enough off that the edge was no longer rough.

Re: Pictures of port chamfers

Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

I go by feel. Probably not the best but I just feel the edge with my finger and if its still kinda sharp I do more.

Re: Pictures of port chamfers

Jeremy Calton /

There's a text guide in the wiki:

There are videos available.

I've watched the Vespa one with the language warning, it has good closeups.

"Chamfering Ports properly how to 2 stroke.MOV" has measurements.

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