Cheap carb??

Alex Steffenson /

Hey fellas, I'm lookin to get a new intake with an 18mm inside diameter and curious about some carbs.

First, will I be okay with something smaller than an 18 or 19mm carb with an 18mm intake?

Has anyone had any experience with the 19mm PHBG clone carbs made for scooters and stuff?

I plan to buy something this month, but can't spend 120 bucks on a carb for this, I need to find a cheaper alternative that I can make work. Do carbs made for 4-stroke engines work just as well on 2-strokes? (My bike doesn't have oil injection)


Re: Cheap carb??

Probably Fred /

Carbs for four stroke usually suck for 2 stroke .

What is your bike and set up?

Re: Cheap carb??

Beard Road Bruiser (SoB) /

Re: Cheap carb??

i like waffles /

Mikunis are most excellent carburetors, better and easier to tune than dellortos in my opinion. If yer Ped is stock 50cc, go for a 16mm Carb. You should prolly mention what ya are riding though.

Re: Cheap carb??

I've been buying clone Del phbg's from Hong Kong for $30. The good-- they're cheap and work great. The bad-- they come with 4 stroke parts, and by the time you buy the right float, atomizer, needle, bushing, and both jets, you're up to about $80. Mikuni's are great, but chances are, you'll have to spend to tune it right too.

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