pug vs puch

i have a question- sorry it's wordy

1st ped i bought was a '78 pug 103 lvs-u3 (the fast one) i got it running, derestricted the pipe, replaced the gurtner carb with the treats sha party (dellorto 15.15 and the mallossi 15 intake), pulled all but one screen out of the air filter, replaced the petcock, derusted the tank, went to 3 balls on the variator, shaved about 10 grams off the stock 56 gram variator weights. 3400 miles on the clock

it runs okay but climbs at about 15 mph and tops out at 32 mph

2nd ped i bought was a '76 puch maxi vintage model. got it running, cleaned the stock carb (bing), timing is stock, points are stock, everything is stock. 330 miles on the clock

it runs good, climbs at about 15 mph and tops out at 25 mph

from what i've learned here in the vast knowledgebase of MA the pug should be ripping the puch but it's not...any suggestions? bad seals on the crank? variator is shot? need a new belt? i'm stumped and wondering...anyone,anyone?

fwiw...i want to keep them looking stock...just want some sleepers that are nice and clean


Re: pug vs puch

you can port the hell out of them, or get kits. you can still run small carbs and pipes, but you won't go as fast. just figure out how to "hide" a tm24 and a destroyer, and your good.

i would think that pug would be faster, my U3 went almost 40. i got a pipe and ported mine a little tho.

25 sucks, but on the stock pipe, that's about right. u got a bigger bing on there? the 12s r slow. get a 15, and match the intake real good.

keeping them stock looking is cool, but having a performance exhaust really makes all the difference in the world. proma circuits get a solid 5mph anywhere u put them. maybe just slip the cigar's baffle cover over the stinger.

Re: pug vs puch

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Yep it's the pipes

Re: pug vs puch

the maxi i'm not worried about...it's the pug...what most folks say that have done these mods to their pug is that what i've done to it i should be in the mid 30's to 40 on flats and passing the puch on hills since it's variated...not the other way around...

just wondering what the other variables could be...kinda feel like i'm missing out on something...boo hoo

in other words my pug is a pig...

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There is that exhaust port mod, you try? here

Re: pug vs puch

have you ever checked timing on either ped?

to me, "timing is stock" means you have to get in there to see where it's at.

Re: pug vs puch

My 78 u3 did 40 stock, on the flat, with the gurtner on it. but it was tuned right. check the timing, carbon in the pipe and exhaust port, compression, and do a leak down test.(seals). And take that baffle out of the pipe. (edited)

Re: pug vs puch

baffle is already out, carbon cleaned, haven't modded the exhaust port...yet...i'm leaning towards the timing as the cause. timing on the puch seems right only because it runs like it should.

the pug's timing is another story...i need to get a flywheel puller to check on that...guess i might as well get one for the puch while i'm at it.

do you think the belt on the pug could be why it's sooooooo slow on hills?


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did you replace the pug reeds? if not that is whats killin' ya.

i've been in and out of mine for a few years now, tried some different things, a little porting, a kinda crappy homebrew pipe, etc, still only getting to 36.

of course i'm blasting people who think their bikes go "40" so you cant always go off of people's guesstimate opinions of how fast their bikes are.

Re: pug vs puch

Did you swap the reed block out for the Tomos reeds ? remove that exhaust port lip and get a new belt. Peugeots have loads of gearing options. You can get different belts, taller varios, different sprockets, fatter and taller tires, bigger wheels like 18" off of older pugs and Mobys.

Peugeots take tuning to a whole new level. Just when you get it running great and fast you can tell it wants more. It wants to rev higher and go faster. It screams for more while your pockets are hurting. Anyway a new belt will always help.

Re: pug vs puch

thx...all good suggestions...yep reeds were swapped...but now that i remember it i used the stock gaskets on the intake...i'll take those off and trim to fit, get a new belt, set timing and shave the exhaust port.

i have noticed that the pug is just overall beefier than the puch...more like a motorcycle...i'd hate to think what going 40 on that puch would feel like...lol

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