notching your variator

Christian Giron /

Do I need to buy new weights/anything? or can I just notch it, bolt back on, and rip?

None of the tuts seem to specify

Re: notching your variator

You don't have to buy new weights, but depending on your setup you might lighten them. If you are kitted just run some pa50i weights and you will be fine.

Re: notching your variator

Christian Giron /

Yeah I have a leo vince exhaust and DR kit. I'll try to find more info on it, there are just so many threads for notched+weights that its hard to find any specific info as its not in the wiki

Re: notching your variator

Re: notching your variator

Get some Delrin weight like what graham Motzing makes. Eventually the shitty plastic end caps on stock weights can disintegrate and really gouge up ur nice notch job.

Re: notching your variator

Christian Giron /

Thanks for all the info

What amount of weight is everyone running in theirs?

I have a


DR Kit

Leo vince exhaust

Stock carb

Re: notching your variator

Different for everyone, every bike, transmission, terrain, and riding style. You gotta tune it by feel. Start though, by weighing your stock weights total, and cutting that weight by 50%. Ride test and go from there.

Re: notching your variator

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

check to make sure your old rollers do not have flat spots and the end caps are in decent shape. if they're bad, order new ones. almost every setup will benefit from lighter weights than stock, but i wouldn't start at 50% of stock. i swapped a set to PAI's and found them slightly too low, would guess at ending up at 10g for the best setup for me.


Stock PA50II 14 grams

PA50II with 1/4" hole 11.7 grams

PA50II with 9/32" hole 10.6 grams

PA50II with 5/16" hole 9.5 grams

Stock PA50I 8.4 grams

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