av10 malossi carb recommendation?

Mike Piarowski /

the set up:

malossi av10 h20 kit

doppler endurance crank

doppler exhaust


er3 variator

polini cases

which carb should i use?!?!? i was leaning towards the vm20.... i have one on my shelf. good?

Re: av10 malossi carb recommendation?

There's no easy way to mount the mikuni, is there?

PHBG is what everyone runs on that setup.

Re: av10 malossi carb recommendation?

19mm phbg.

Re: av10 malossi carb recommendation?

Tyler Jaynes /

If you can weld anything is possible. I've been thinking about using a mikuni I've had lying around but I'm going to have to fab an intake because the carb is a clamp mount. If you have a spigot mount carb you could prob work something out with a phbg intake thought I've never delt with them so... Yeah, best of luck to ya! Im also working on av10 stuff as well (edited)

Re: av10 malossi carb recommendation?

NEMA Victor (3 Knees Down) /

French people swear by Del's. VM20 might be good for that setup though since a del 19 or 21 is best for those kits.

Re: av10 malossi carb recommendation?

I would suggest to stick with a PHBG 19 rather then trying to be one of the few people to try something out of the ordinary. Using the Dellorto will give you a lot of resources when it comes time to dial in the performance.

Always cool to be the trail blazer but that usually comes with a ton of hassles which you might want to avoid with a new kit and all... once you have her shaken down though then you could always experiment.

Re: av10 malossi carb recommendation?

i like waffles /

only trouble is the vm20 uses different jets than pretty much every other vm carb. if you traded for a 18/22 you can use the large hex main jets and typical idle jet. I would have to say the ease of tuning a mikuni is quite nice. i took the jump on using one on an unknown setup and it worked out well.

Re: av10 malossi carb recommendation?

I would love to see where you are going to put the VM20 because it is much bigger than a PGBG, so it won't fit under the frame as usual, would it?

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