Which carb for Kstar/Boss?

I have a 70cc Kstar Kit and a Tecno Boss pipe. Which carb is most ideal for this setup?

I was looking on the moped tuning speadsheet and forums, it seems a lot of people use 19 dellorto phbg.

Re: Which carb for Kstar/Boss?

Probably Fred /

Low rpm stock crank set up ( 70 cc kit maybe with shallow case match) hi comp head, 14-16 mm carb, middle gearing (17x40, 15x36, 19x45 ), Estroil/circuit type pipe .

Aftermarket crank hi rpm set up (70cc kit maybe with deep case match and a little porting or opened intake), modded hi comp head for lower compression or mid compression head, 19-21 mm carb, low gearing (stock or 16x40), boss, 6p, simo or any hi rpm pipe.

What is your set up?

If you got part of each of these set ups in your set up your set up could be missmatched and you may not have good performance or you may go boom

Re: Which carb for Kstar/Boss?

Matt Stobbs /

my current setup is 16x45, stock crank, 14 Bing, 74 jet, Treats Puch CDI, Tecno Boss, hi-flow foam filter, no case match.

I have the Treats Kstar 70cc kit (not sure which head it came with), I'm planning to buy a new carb and put the 70cc on. Looking for some carburetor recommendations. (edited)

Re: Which carb for Kstar/Boss?

Probably Fred /

Stock crank won't last with stock gears, kit and hi rpm set up

Many threads about this

Re: Which carb for Kstar/Boss?

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