Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

The Wizard of Naz has granted me new powers in the form of the re-engineered Runaway Rally Ped. What do you think?

Current Setup highlights:

1984 Honda Runaway aka NU50M

Stock Case and Crank

Treats Wizard Cylinder kit w Wiseco Piston

Puch 50cc Cylinder head with custom squish band

Custom base spacer for cylinder to fit NU50

Gates BX33 Belt

27g weights in a "stock" 6 roller variator

TJT Honda Dio ramp plate customized to fit NU50

107mm Scooter Clutch

1500 rpm (red) tension spring for clutch

Honda Dio 4 Petal reed block

Trick Metric Dio intake adapter

Mikuni TM24 Flatslide carb, 210 main

Honda oil injection system

Proma Circuit exhaust (custom mounts to fit NU50)

2002 Marzocchi Monster fork (40mm stanchions, 175mm travel, 20mm thru axle, externally adjustable Compression, Preload, and Rebound, internal low speed compression adjust)

Custom 1" steerer tube for fork installed on a hybrid sealed bearing MTB headset with roller bearings in lower cup, full custom setup

Aftermarket Honda CRF50 Rear Shock, (11" length, nitrogen charged piggyback with adjustable rebound, preload)

Custom front wheel (20mm axle MTB hub with 48 spokes laced three cross on an Odyssey triple wall 20" 48 spoke BMX hoop)

Pit Bike front disc caliper and M/C mounted to fork with custom caliper adapter and mini disc rotor

Malossi PX50 Speed gears specially adapted to fit NU50 rear hub

31.8 clamp diameter DH MTB Handlebars, Snafu stem

Stock Honda controls (turn signals, horn, electric starter intact)

Shinko giant knobby tires (17x3.0 front 14x2.75 rear)

BMX Beartrap pedals mounted on a custom threaded shaft for easy pedal swaps in future.

Stock headlight on custom Stainless Steel mount

Custom Stainless Steel Battery Box bracket with latch

CRF50 Front and rear fenders

We are working out some little details like what air filter I want to run, but the bike starts and idles beautifully, and pulls like a truck up to what feels like a solid 50mph- I will provide some GPS data on that as soon as we are through tuning. The old setup ( https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/read.php?7,2111611,2925053#msg-2925053 ) achieved over 50 mph numerous times in my quest to blow it up, so I expect this build to equal or better that without most of the issues I encountered with either the shady Wizard Kit piston, tiny stock carb, or iffy performing notched variator used to get there before.

This has been a really fun project and was only possible at all with some serious engineering on the part of Naz.


Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Whoa. Naz went all out. You're a lucky boy

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

MOTHER OF GOD.......puch heads fit or u drill stud holes?

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Rad bike. Really like the style of it. Always good to have a naz on a project. Dude does not get enough recognition around here.

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

jesus christ. wtf. nutso.

i like it. sounds fun, let us hear some more stories. why with all of that did you opt for the wizard kit?

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

This guy just can't find anything with pedals on it. He uses those tires for veering off rides onto peoples lawns and through flower beds. Mrs McGillicuty throws a fit everytime

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

after all that work why not lace your old urban front rim hoop to the rear hub and have a 16" dia. rear? it's a drop in the bucket as far as the extensive work that has been completed so far.......you would prolly have to ditch your starter then though.

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Thanks for the positive feedback guys. The vision was mine but the execution was really all Naz. Re: the Wiz kit and things like the rear wheel- I actually love the 14in rear wheel. It allows the use of the crazy Shinko rubber, which the 16in version of which would never fit out back like you said without giving up something critical (to me) like the starter. This bike is not about going 75mph, it's about ripping around town and alleys at real world speeds with great ease. It also DESTROYS hills right now. All with a wider range of variation than stock (TJT plate) and a taller final drive than stock (PX50 race gears). The bike does just about 50 right now and I'm pretty darn satisfied with that.

Now on the cylinder part- I started playing with these Wizard kits back when I first got the bike, and it's just the jug I happened to have that we decided to try the improvements on and try to make everything work well and run cool with the stock Honda oil injector. After all, what's an Urban Express Deluxe without it's starter, turn signals, sweet 12v lighting, etc? Once I'm satisfied that all the mods we've done work great and my injection is keeping up with things, then we can start looking into moving beyond the Wizard kit to something even zippier like maybe an Athena. Also I think you asked about stud spacing and yes, Naz did need to hog out the holes on the head to fit the Honda spacing and we switched to Puch cylinder studs instead of the bolts originally holding things together.

Below is a short Runkeeper GPS track of the bike riding around the neighborhood with an air filter on it and after downjetting a bit. I'm currently at a 175 main (very faint four stroking at WOT) and am about to drop down to a 165 and see how that runs next. I spotted a reading of 49.3mph on the flats on the section of ride right around mile 1.15 and rode up and down hills like I was on a two wheeled Billy Goat. I'll post some video of the bike riding soon, but it's pretty much the funnest thing ever.


Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

wow. very impressive.

why did you have to specially adapt the px gears? Matthew Cheddas post from the treats ad for them said he just heated/cooled the parts and they pressed right on. i have a set, but have been too lazy to swap them out yet.

where did you find a tjt dio plate? none showed up on ebay.

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Gruff "(OFMC)" - /

Im having wet dreams while Im awake!!! nice build

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Hey Chris, Gruff thanks for the props. As for your questions Chris, the race gears were a couple thousands of an inch too large of an I.D. to fit directly on my NU50 shaft. I don't know for sure, maybe mine were made for Dio or another Honda model still more obscure. I got them from Shannon Hall, and just thought they were the same "race gears" everybody else has been trying on their Urbans, so don't quote me on the name. Differences between them include 14t final drive (vs. 17t stock) and a straight cut gear bevel vs. the angled ones that came stock. Naz ended up welding the gears to a spare rear shaft I had that I had bought off fleabay for that purpose. If for any reason the modded gears blow up or separate from the stock NU shaft, I have a complete set of stocker gears to put back in. That said, everything feels solid and we anticipate no problems with them long term. To check for deterioration of the mating, I will change the final drive gear oil out a couple times here over the next couple hundred miles and look for shavings in the juice. I'll let you guys know if there are any issues but things seem fine for now.

As for the TJT plate- I'm trippin'- pretty sure it was made for Caminos, sorry for the confusion. In order to get that to work, we had to weld in a small washer into the hole in the center of the plate, as the inner hole was a bit large for the NU variator shaft. Naz machined out a hole the correct size for the shaft and, all is working very well now with minimal hang up top when decelerating, which was a huge issue with the notched variator.

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

I do think you should be going faster then 50 mph with all that . Parma is cooooler then the athena . aluminum is way better . nice work on the bike . looks and sounds good . maybe too heavy of rollers ?

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

the large amount of torque would indicate otherwise on the rollers for the variator. Anyways the motor wasn't really meant to be crazy, just seeing about longevity of kit using the stock oil injection with carb intake setup that will hopefully be fairly forgiving. If that works, take it a bit further with a eye on keeping it reliable. Oh, one thing Steve forgot to mention it's really just stupid fun to ride. I kept on jumping on it and being continually amazed about just how fun the bike was to just go zipping around. I think that comes down to the amazing quality of the forks/suspension and getting rather lucky with the trail on the bike.

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

I probably should also

Mention that the cylinder on this bike has also been seized previously at least once, so it may not be as high performing as it might otherwise be. Again, just using what we had- in this case for something to test the rest of the setup out on. I'm sure it has a few more mph in it somewhere that will come out with a little fine tuning.

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Matthew Chedda /

Great work guys!! This bike is amazing!

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Update: found a great low profile air filter pod and settled in for now at a 165 main jet. The four stroking at WOT is gone and the bike feels really good at all speeds. Hills as stated before are a breeze now and no longer require anything like full throttle to zip right up them. Starting off in dirt or gravel shoulders results in a happy little roost of material shooting out from under the rear tire, and it's also easy to goose the throttle and lift the front end up into the air over things like curbs, speed bumps, or potholes you don't want to drive through. The forks turn everything in your path into a jump, lol. Brakes are also bedded in fully now and stop like the dickens with no squeal at all- just what I needed. I'll try to get out on the road with Gorilla here in the next day or two and capture a little video of the bike in action. So much fun it shouldn't be legal.

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

So much fun it shouldn't be legal.....:).....and most likely isn't.

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

I looked up those front forks, those are pretty nice forks o_O

Naz makes it look so easy... Ugh

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Update- GPS reports 56mph on the ride home last night. Heavier weights (33g) and a bit of an adjustment to the oil pump flow rate seem to be helping things run smoother. Acceleration is better throughout the range now, variation is active/responsive, and the bike just feels slightly stronger overall. I was cruising in the high 40's and surged to over 50 in several spots on the ride, so I'm pretty close to where we want to be speed wise now, I think. Maybe with some final tuning we can creep a little closer to the 60 mark without really changing too much more or risking the reliability of the setup.

GPS Track: http://runkeeper.com/user/huckersteve2/activity/96590427?&mobile=false

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Rear Shock Detail:

Work Stand:

X-Ray intake V1:

This works better than rubber hose but not too much better- it still gets affected by fuel and begins to swell/soften. Will keep working with it while we search for something more permanent.

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Cockpit Bling and tidy cables:

Noped Baby:

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

more pics of baby pls

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Emil Kniemel /

that baby looks fresh!

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

LOL we had just made him I think he was like three days old or so in that pic. I'll try to post one or two more of him later but I'm at work now and don't have access to the baby or my pics. Thanks for the interest though! Kenny will be a nopedin' fool from a very early age for sure.

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

My most recent wizzard powers are not as impressive .


Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

I'm really pleased to see someone who regards good suspension as Key.

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Yeah we scrapped that shitty piston out on the motor for that very reason. Also the wizard kit seems to wear pretty rapidly and that will probably be the second update to the bike after building a nicer solution for the overly long intake hose. But one thing at time and it runs well at the moment.


Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Scrapped it out ? As in not using it , using something else ? Still have it or it blew up ? I favor the Meteor piston from a parmakit but treats is out . Looking for a cheap scoot piston

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

Thanks Charles, I do like me some good shocks and brakes. @Rick- I think Naz sourced a Wiseco piston as my old Wizard piston exploded much like your own. Twice..

Re: Wizard Powers Revisited (NU50M)

i only clicked on this thread to make fun of it but i can't that's rad.

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