Puch Cobra

Just got a puch cobra, it was running fine for about 2 hrs today and then all of a sudden the throttle was stuck on, it wouldnt stop unless i put both brakes. so I killed the moped. I started it back up and it took a min for it to start going but ran fine for a bit. I stopped had a drink. Then I go back to my ped and now it wont start at all. I check the ignition it was fine. and the inside of my tank it coated so I dont think anything would clog it.

Any ideas?


Re: Puch Cobra

Wrong forum.

Re: Puch Cobra

What do you mean you checked the ignition? And have you ever cleaned the carb?

Re: Puch Cobra

its destroyed, gimme it.

Re: Puch Cobra

Yeah sorry I ment that and yeah I cleaned the carb.

And I fixed my bike, it was the throttle cable it got pinched

got a new cable.

Re: Puch Cobra

lol no.

Re: Puch Cobra

Erik Kovac (NJ) /

teflon calbes, pretty awsome!

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