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Andy Pabstalaniec /

I've done this so many times but today it's been f$$$$%#$%$%#$% difficult. As far as I can tell, you MUST set the points with the flywheel on, but when you turn the flywheel to where the cam has the points fully open, it's impossible to get anything through the fucking window!!!!

Honestly the only thing making me insane right now is the San Francisco wind, which is relentless from 3-10pm. I need a fucking garage.

I've set the timing with a micrometer and feeler gauge a couple times now from scratch, I know how to do it. But today I am just FAILING.

Does anyone out there have a special trick I may be missing? I had spark before, I was just running down some tuning issues and decided it was time to re-set my timing. (edited)

Re: Setting Points on Peugeot

Just set the gap by eye with a flashlight. Then set your opening point.

Re: Setting Points on Peugeot

At the time the points open as you rotate the flywheel there should be a windoew to see the points at that time. I mark tdc and a advance mark on the clutch side and make a little pointer out of a toothpick stuck in modeling clay attached to the case. Rotate the flywheel while you hold the clutch side at the advance mark until the points open and then tighten the flywheel. Recheck under better weather conditions with a cig paper between the points and pulled out when they open. Maybe you just need some food and a good nights sleep before the next attempt.

Re: Setting Points on Peugeot

Andy Pabstalaniec /

Ya, it's gonna have to wait. I swear I was very close. I'm going to add another ground wire just to be sure. I've had other experiences where grounds 'go bad' over time, dunno why, corrosion maybe?

Your method is nice flagrant, but I just use the micrometer to measure down to 1.2mm, then hold the clutch against it while I find the advance spot with the flywheel opening the points, using some cigarette film.... I also have a points light that I made, but haven't figured out where to attach each clip.

The nice thing about my crank, I think it's a doppler, it's been years I can't remember, is it has a woodruff key spot, and when that's at 12 o'clock, you're at TDC, makes things a bit easier. Then the full-advance on a pegueot is when the '+' sign on the flywheel is pointed at the same angle as the cylinder bore, makes things a bit easier, but when it's like that and the points are fully open, the window isn't even close to the points screw. (edited)

Re: Setting Points on Peugeot

Its been awhile since I messed with my timing. For my future figurings can you clue me to how many degrees full advance comes to

Re: Setting Points on Peugeot

Andy Pabstalaniec /

So I ended up just setting the points to open at 1.2 degrees BTDC, and leaving the point gap at whatever amount is determined by that, which looks to be about .014-.015. Are you supposed to just set the points to open at the right time and assume the gap will be correct simply based on the shape of the flywheel cam?

You can't really set the points to the full gap of .016 with a feeler gauge when the flywheel is at full advance because the window isn't lined up in such a way to allow you to do so. although interestingly, when I did set the points to a max gap of .016 when the flywheel opened the points all the way, the points started to open way back at 1.6, 1.7. It's conceivable that my flywheel cam is worn down, therefore not opening them the full amount of .016 when I set the points timing first instead of the gap first.

At any rate, I bet if I got a new flywheel they'd open more, however I'm still getting a fat blue spark and it runs okay and not too hot.

Re: Setting Points on Peugeot

clutch side marks is a good idea.

i use a suzuki ignition timing tool, dail in Tdc, roll back 2mm the forward .2

then do trial and error getting on the flywheel a bunch of times till im spot on.

so im 1.8 exact right now, where should i put marks on the clutch side?

i've got 1.8 and TDC marked on the mag side already.

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