Tuning Help: a35

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It starts and idles fine and then about mid throttle, it starts to bog and died out on me. Tried 60's jet and did the same, tried 90's and does the same but did run better for a few wks.

Here is what I have:

Tomos a35

Techno Boss pipe

Dellorto 17.5 Carb 92 fuel jet

Airsal kit

Im at a loss and have no idea where to go from here but its insanely annoying, bout to just go back to my Dellorto 15.15 sha which ran flawlessly for months.

Re: Tuning Help: a35

if you have NO AIR LEAKS!!! triple check everything! then play with your needle adj. raising the needle will make you a lil richer mostly in mid range and lowering it will make you leaner and what idle jet are you running and have you messed with your mix screw? i have a similar set up with a 21mm carb 92 main jet 40 idle its still not perfect but way way better then any SHA these carbs are hard to tune sometimes look in the wiki it has a ton of info on dellorto tuning you may wanna get some good reeds as well or at least re-check the ones you have! good luck you will get it dont give up

Re: Tuning Help: a35

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I have messed with the mix screw and the i currently have a 92 as well.

Just didnt know where I should start with the adjusting and then move forward.

Just ordered an 82 to see if that helps

Re: Tuning Help: a35

Check for air leaks. That is WAY to high of a jet. you should be in the low 70's range. Get a new plug and plug chop.

Re: Tuning Help: a35

you turn your mix until it idles high as it can! then adjust your idle screw i am running a 37 idle jet a 92 main 2nd leanest on needle i am barely rich on top end home made reed riser malossi carbon reed and i run 56mph stock gearing 70cc alukit puch hi comp head bullet pipe 80:1 mix i dont know about your set up doug but if i went in the 70s jet range my shit would blow up for sure! oh you need to get a good range of idle jets! i always buy a whole range of main jets not just one give more room to play!

Re: Tuning Help: a35

my puch maxi did the same thing. have you checked the petcock? that was my problem. easy fix for me.

Re: Tuning Help: a35

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petcock is fine, gas flow isnt the issue

Re: Tuning Help: a35

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Ok here is where Im at as of today. AND THIS IS DRIVING ME FKN CRAZY!

I got it running pretty solid with adjustment of the needle.

Yesterday I decided to bore out the factory a35 intake to 3/4in(17mm) to potentially match my carb and changed the reeds to Mollassi carbon from 1977 but they were too long initially and wouldn't allow any air flow to pass, so I had to trim them slightly.

Just checked compression and the the carb 10x and everything is up to par.

The carb is currently at the following.

Starter jet: 50

Idle Jet: 25

Main: 84

Needle: 2nd from the bottom.

Ive tried downsizing main jet to 60's and every needle adjustment and all have failed worst then the current settings.

Appears to run but doesn't idle the greatest. Gets up to about 35mph but definitely has lost some low end torque and high end speed.

What gives??? Suggestions/ Input please????!!!!

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