AV7/PHBG intake

Heya, I'm assembling an av7 motor with a biturbo kit (50cc not much faster than stock if not the same) and a phbg intake. The intake is larger (I don't want to say much larger, but it is significantly larger) than the intake on the cylinder. How should I match these? should I draft the intake port into the size it is at the inner cylinder wall? (if that makes sense..I'm having a hard time using just words to explain it)

Also, how do you guys like to run your stock/almost stock kits, in terms of head gaskets?



Re: AV7/PHBG intake

depends on the size carb you're going to use. pick a carb that suits your kit. If it's stockish, I wouldn't go over a 17phbg. (not familiar with the biturbo). a smooth passage from carb to port window will help flow but you don't need a larger intake than carb.

Re: AV7/PHBG intake

Vova Fett /
ven OP

planning to run a vm16! (edited)

Re: AV7/PHBG intake

Take off the shelf so there is a smooth transition at the union point of the intake and the cylinder. Using just files it would take perhaps half a hour - 45 minutes using a method of measure cut measure cut measure cut. Use the intake gasket as a template and draw the material to remove with a marker pen for the measure part.

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