1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

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I'm midway through my moped refresh. I haven't been riding my express much in the last 13 years and now I'm getting it back into service.

Everyone likes pics and I wanted to make this thread to hopefully help others in the future. I'll get some better pics up. These are from when a buddy and I were fixing up the bent pegs. We cut them off flush and forced a solid rod into the lower tube and welded it all back together. Pegs are solid now.

82 NC50.


Polini 46mm kit

Boyesen dual stage MOD reeds

stock carb - jet drilled to 100 (FOR NOW)

slightly ported intake manifold

Hack/Weld Bi-turbo (just this and stock everything else netted me 38mph)

couple holes drilled in stock airbox

Oil Pump removed and plugged.

I can hit 41mph (gps) easy but am getting worried about RPMs.

How fast is everyone else going with their NC50?

Next mods:

Weak-Ends Intake


Modify reed block? (cut the center support out?)

NR77 80/90-14 for the rear.

NU50 front 16" wheel/tire

Better rear shock

Suggestions? Critiques?

Peg weld.jpg

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

find a nu motor belt drive

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

Moby Express /

I have one but it is missing the belt cover, kick start everything and maybe more

I'll eventually look into getting that going but for now I want to focus on the front forks. Looking into K10 forks but I'm guessing that is going to raise the headtube up some since the fork leg length is longer than stock.

I can't find any pics of others that have k10 forks on an otherwise stock NC50 (without motor swap)

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

hobbit forks bolt right on and are a definate upgrade from stock nc50 forks.....easy peezy

sugar! 004.JPG

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

@kevin: How fast is that thing??

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

Its my friends and I know when I am maxed at 56 mph he flies past me with no problem. it has no speedo. He did a speed run down the highway once and passed cars he assumes we doing 55mph with no ease but head temp climbed before maxing his rpm's so he slowed it down...pulled over only to find his navigation that was in his pockets battery died top speed has not yet been determined but high 60's maybe even 70's are a good ballpark.

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

Cosmo nPuch Stillstolen /

I like that express. I'm getting to love mine.

Mine (well, it's technically my wife's) has become the favorite around here. Going up our steep driveway is a breeze, it leaves the VIP clone in the dust, going uphill.

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

k-10s work great on a nc frame. you have to cut the frame head tube by a 1/4" or so. the lower bearing race has to be changed and the center ground out to fit the k-10s. the brake nub is on the wrong side for a nc wheel. i used either a trac wheel or hobbit wheel can`t remember.

hobbit front forks bolt right on except for the brake nub easy fix they are steel just weld a new one on. or run a hobbit wheel

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

Moby Express /

Yesterday my pipe hanger broke. The stock loop on the biturbo gave out.

Today I'm going to fix that.

I guess for ease of use I'd like to go hobbit fork/wheel. I have an NU50 front but I need the brakes for it.

are the K10s much better than hobbit? Worth the hassle?

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

if can find a complete hobbit front end wheel and all you would be good to go.

the hydro k-10`s are a lot nicer ride if your rodes are fucked up and way more stable at speed.

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

Moby Express /

Roads are shit here

I have my k10s. Waiting for my front wheel to come in. Have a temporary set of bars from a 97 suzuki ds80.

Pics coming soon once I start the swap.

Looking for k10 fender ideas with a 16" wheel. I like to be able to keep water off my plug wire if possible

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

i got this fender off of ebay it`s from a pug ?? for 25.00

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

Moby Express /

That fender looks perfect.

My wheel arrives today.. Hopefully this goes smothly

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

Moby Express /

I got my wheel. Welding up a small extension to the brake tab on the K10 fork tomorrow. Waiting for my axle to come in then the forks are going on.

I'm about to order a VM22 because I can't find a vm20. I'm looking at the 10 pack of jets but not sure if I need 110-155 or 160-210.

I was going to go with the smaller set.

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

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Got my K10 forks on. Cut .25 inch off the top of the headtube on the express. I'm using all stock nc50 bearings and races. Lower race came off the stock fork and is the same ID as the K10 race, it slipped on without any mods. Had to trim the brackets on the lower head tube so the bars will turn lock to lock.

I'm using some bars I had sitting around (97 suzuki DS80)and so far they are not bad. maybe need to be a little taller.

Puch fender is sweet. I cut new mounting holes in it and it aligns up nicely.

For the axle I'm using one from an 82 Urban express, It is too short by about 1/2in. but the wheel spacer is perfect length for my 16" walaroo rim. I'm running a 16x2.75 front tire.

Brake tab needed to be extended some but I'm not running brakes yet, waiting for my pad springs to come in.

Brake Tab.jpg.jpg

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

thats a puch dart fender

Re: 1982 Honda Express NC50 70cc.

That's an awesome NC50 Kevin! I'm finishing one right now, but my next one will be patterned off yours! What kind of mods do you have?


Moby Express /

VM20 is on, running great and somewhat rich with a 165 jet.

I did a run with my phone's GPS and it went 45.5

K10 forks are great.... so great that I was going about 35 through a grassy field I've went through numerous times and found a sewer cap. Sewer cap said hi to my back rim and took out 4 spokes. ripping one of the nipples right through the rim. Forks and front wheel are totally fine.

I have an Excel rim I'm about to put on once I get the spokes measured up and ordered.

Next project is my brother's Nu50/express. It has 10,440 miles and still runs 30-35mph stock.

Pic1 - VM20

Pic2 - Silver urban before teardown.

Pic3 - Mockup of 80express frame with NU50engine/forks. this bike will get K10s but I didn't feel like grabbing them for the pic.


Re: Updates

Where did you find a vm20? i have been looking every where.

Re: Updates

Moby Express /

They come up on buy/sell every once and a while.. I bought two on there recently.

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