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so after rigging my sachs 505 1a exhaust with a new spring mount. i noticed when the back pressure was high enough the pipe would slip off the header enough to eleviate the back pressure and i got a performance boost of like 7 mph. when the back pressure was low, it would slip back on, due to the spring tension on the expansion chambers clamp.

is there a standard back pressure or rather a recomended minimium? if you can put a tiny spring loaded valve on a pipe, would this translate to a boost across the board keeping the back pressure at optimium levels?


Re: exhaust back pressure/discuss...

Re: exhaust back pressure/discuss...


It isn't really back pressure. It's flow. When the exhaust volume is low at slower rpm and you have a real open exhaust, the gas just goes into exhaust cools a bit expands and slows down, so the next pulse hits this cool gas and slows down too. Until rpm is high enough to keep hot gas moving through the exhaust having a real open system is going to hurt performance.

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