Delaminating Ignition Coils?

My friend has had 3 internal ignition coils delaminate on the edge, thinking the flywheel was rubbing, I let him use one of mine, and the same thing happened. These have all been used, with unknown mileage. He's about to buy a new coil off Treats, but I'm wondering if it won't just happen again. Could heat be doing this?

This is on a Dr kitted Vespa engine.

Re: Delaminating Ignition Coils?

If the flywheel was rubbing you would hear and feel it rubbing... but to check use a marker pen and colour the ends of the coil and run the motor, if the colour is gone then they rub.

Re: Delaminating Ignition Coils?

is it a problem? i noticed some of the india/pietcard coils come all wonky and a little splayed out, but its no biggie

Re: Delaminating Ignition Coils?

He has lost complete spark on one, the other two gave intermittent spark. I don't think they were rubbing after talking to him.

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