Airsal/ Carb Tuning Help??

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Here is what I have:

'00 Tomos Sprint a35

Airsal Kit

Techno Boss Pipe

Dellorto 17.5 Carb 98 Main Jet

Carbon Reeds


Had it running flawless with Dellorto Sha 15.15 Carb and ever since Ive switched to 17.5 carb it seems to be running "heavy" and doesnt idle well.

Im not real familiar with the tuning of kitted bikes and sometimes it will run ok and then just "bog" out on me mid throttle

Should I upgrade jet? hotter plug? Change point settings?

Im stuck and just need some advice.

Re: Airsal/ Carb Tuning Help??

98 jet sounds too hi.....try upper 70's

Re: Airsal/ Carb Tuning Help??

that carb may have come with the 4 stroke parts in it, atomizer, bushing, float, needle. You may have to change all that stuff. You need to check.

Re: Airsal/ Carb Tuning Help??

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This is the model i have the lever choke.

It does have a float and needle but Im not exactly sure what that other stuff is that you asked about.

Re: Airsal/ Carb Tuning Help??

go to the wiki, click performance tuning, then under carburetors click "how to tune a phbg" very informative

Re: Airsal/ Carb Tuning Help??

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Fantastic, Thank you.

Re: Airsal/ Carb Tuning Help??

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> 98 jet sounds too hi.....try upper 70's

I am in Total agreement with the Reply! Looking at the Spread sheets, None had the 17.5 but the 16's were all in the 70's and I saw 1 19 in the Mid 80's. I am putting on a 17.5 on my A55 with the Airsal and looking at the charts it looks like somewhere around 80 to 84 for the Main! 30 to 35 for the Pilot / Idle Jet and the Needle somewhere between the 2nd from the top to the 4th from the top! I am starting on the 3rd from the top!

Before anything just try an 82 with the needle on the 3rd fromt he top and you STILL Should be rich but at least run well enough to see where you need to go!

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