Florida gear setup 14-35?

Totally flat where I ride, just set up Maxi Luxe with 70cc TCCD kit, 15mm carb, techno boss pipe. Need to know what gearing to use. From what I have read, my stock 16:45 will shred my crank. I am looking to keep a little acceleration but have more top end speed while keeping the rpm's and temp low.

So if I am right a 14-35 setup should do the trick.

Is this a good gear ratio for the low rpm/temp with higher top end speed?

Re: Florida gear setup 14-35?

Probably Fred /

14x35=16x40=18x45 not quite enough gear for a bushed crank

Run 15x35, 17x40, 19x45

Re: Florida gear setup 14-35?

Michael Peditto /


Which one of the three would help the best, it seems that 17x40 as the middle setup would be the best choice. As it adjusts for both acceleration and top end speed.

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