incredably cheap 505 1a mods

♣Slew Foot♣ /

so after a while of hit and miss. i found something that works pretty damn good and uber cheap.

that squarebing needs the restrictive carb airbox which is always missing and flimsy, 22oz soda bottle cut at the bottom stuffed with a sheet of 222 tpi monofilament nylon screen with a shotgun holeon the side with a pen tip restricting air flow further.

neat thing when the screen material gets wet with oil and you are WOT it atomizes it and it gets into the fuel mix

an expansion chamber from an indian, IDK what the stock pipe is like but mine has a clamp with a bolt.

i ran two springs one from the sidecover mount arm, it already had the holes there, another on the expansion chamber clamp bolt.

i had done this as a quick fix but ran a few days then i decided to keep it after my speed increased from wimpy 25 to closer to 30 with WOT downhills goin 45. here the spring has enough tension to hold the expansion chamber in place but when there is enough back pressure it pushes it off the header and opens up BRRap Brapp Brap.

i had just set the timing to spec same with gap and advance. it seems like a new bike good low end and top.

Ghet-0-tech, TM

take the ball and run with it.

Re: incredably cheap 505 1a mods


Re: incredably cheap 505 1a mods

oh. neat.

Re: incredably cheap 505 1a mods

♣Slew Foot♣ /

so who is the math wiz that can tell me what the appropriate back pressure for a 47.xxcc is?

i think its around 8 lbs with my set up. if you built a pressure release valve into a side bleed stinger that would be the balls.

the square bing will leak gas into the bottle as square bings tend to do. the bottle has this slight lip and its at a slight angle, so the drippings collect.

the slight blow by by the not airtight bottle shoots the gas into the silkscreen which kinda wicks it.

then the high airflow into the carb is richened at top end with the higher RPMs when that back pressue valve goes.

its works sorta like a turbo blower i guess.

OMG, i feel like Goodyear. or the first caveman who drank the spoiled grape juice. i do not think i really could have thought of it. it just sorta happened.

Re: incredably cheap 505 1a mods

Can we get a pic of this airbox I need to make something for mine that works better than a piece of tee shirt and zip ties over a 30 yr old flimsy piece of square plastic

Re: incredably cheap 505 1a mods

♣Slew Foot♣ /

this is the soda pop airbox, it was an odd size it was 22oz's, it actually took the shape of the carb after being used a week, make sure the silk screen is one piece and the corners are tucked on the neck side so an end doesn't get sucked in.

the piece in the pic is half the size of the piece i run with the size is like 4'x4' crumpled up with the corners inside the cap side

as for the spring setup it will have to be later the bike is across the hood at the shop. the cranks threads are toast, its always something.

i caught it before it failed tho.

i seen the nut was backing off when i inspected it after a long test run. the inner threads are smooth IDK exactly what to do,

i rethreaded it a few times and it still failed, purple locktite? jb weld?

seeing as the sachs splits top to bottom. i may just tack weld it until i get a new one then whizzer it off.


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