NC50 Upgrades???


I'm new to the whole moped world so I'm here for some help.

I'm headed off to college in the fall and I just bought a 1980 Honda Express with 14xx miles on it. right now I'm waiting for the local motorcycle shop to find a new rear tire for me but I'm already look into upgrades that I can do for my summer project. I'm new to this all so please talk to me like I'm a five year old!

Things I want/need to do:

1. New exhaust (Need)

2. 70cc kit (want)

3. Carb (idk)

4. oil pump?

Anything else?

Basically I plan on tearing it all apart and rewiring it, cleaning it, repainting it and getting a new seat cover to go along with the new engine upgrades. Any links to these parts would be great! Also a run down of how to put it all together would be fantastic!

Thanks in advance!

Eric Wehrs

P.S. if there is already a forum on this i'm sorry for missing it.

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Re: NC50 Upgrades???

Hi Eric,

You can get a 70cc DR kit for your bike from Treatland. You will need a bigger carb to go with that larger cylinder. I am very happy with my Mikuni VM20. A company called Weak-ends makes an intake for it (flange mount) that will bolt right on to your bike. I wouldn't mess with the wiring if I were you, unless your wiring is totally shot. It's just a big ol' nasty hairball. Besides, complete wiring harnesses in good condition are hard to come by. When you switch to the new intake, you will need to get rid of your stock intake and switch to premixed fuel. Most bikes this age need the fuel tank thoroughly cleaned out and de-rusted. You may need to get rid of internal screen filter in the tank. I would also get an inline paper fuel filter ASAP because most old tanks have rust that causes lots of headaches. Good luck to you with your new bike! You can find advice for just about anything by searching the repair forum.

Re: NC50 Upgrades???



Re: NC50 Upgrades???

Awesome! That's what I plan on doing now, I just got my DR kit in the mailabout 20 min ago but one of the piston rigns is snapped :( Now I just have to wait for treat to have the carb and intake in stock, any advice on an exhaust?

Here are the ones I'm looking at, I just want one that will bolt on if you dont know what bolts on then I'll ask around, thanks!!

Re: NC50 Upgrades???

I have never found a pipe that will bolt straight up. I could be very wrong but I believe they all require some kind of modification to fit the NC50. I got one of the Jamarcol (Jammy) pipes and had to get it cut off and welded to the old header....but it was worth it!

Good luck!

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