Exhaust for boring stockish Peugeot103 setup

Marvin Chan /
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i cant believe i have to retype all this (damn browser)... well here we go again.. so i'll try to be short

looking for an exhaust. every one says go circuit. i'm leaning towards 1977 selection. dont have pedals so im not worried about pedal clearance. would like to keep center stand and custom made launch lever that i hope to god doesnt get in the way. dont know if i can rev high enough for big boy pipes like gianelli black gun. dont have a speedo so i dont know how fast im going but the top seems like 45+, low end could be better....SHA aint helping.

the specs

tsm head

modded stock cylinder (exhaust ported & cut a boostport/third transfer)

polini reeds / malossi intake / SHA 15.15

derestricted exhaust

5 coil hardwired

3 balls

2 star springs

1 featherlight rider

vogue// heard they were good stockers...


treats simonini circuit//mixed reviews but overall positive. seems to be the peoples champ.


1977 simonini circuit// what im leaning towards. looks to have a nice wide range.


proma// good enough for hobbits.. cant go wrong here.


proma "stye"// crappier and jankier? look that way form the photo


Last but not least gotta address the exhaust mount. got the 'Merican screw/coupler style cylinder. these all got flange mounts.(some come with screw type). is there an adapter? is this guy it? i dont have the tools/resources/can justify fabricating one for a non super blasty bike. i mean i guess its kinda blasty for a slight modded stocker.



This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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