za clutch cables

what are yall using for clutch cables so far i broke 2 today. i order the ones from treats that say puch clutch cable. pulling the cable right out of the ends any clue where to get a better cable?

Re: za clutch cables

You can use a brake cable if you grind down the end small enough. I've even drilled out the small nut piece so you can use a slightly bigger end.

If you get really lucky, there are ZA starter adjusters that accept standard brake cable ends, but they're VERY hard to find.

Also, check out your local bicycle shop. They sell cheap inner cables.

Re: za clutch cables

i use bike cables. i've had better luck with the knarps staying on those than the clutch cables from treats

Re: za clutch cables

will try the bike cable.

thanks all

Re: za clutch cables

do you think i can soldier the cable into the nut that holds the cable to the adjuster?

fray the end of the cable and soldier in like that guy in the video shows how to make your own cable ends?

Re: za clutch cables

The solder usually won't stick too stock cables. I've tried.

Re: za clutch cables

i have cables from treats puch cable party which looks like a throttle cable.

treats told me which cable to buy that works and wont break. its a double nub clutch cable.

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