why idlers?

added idler pulleys, top pix @ idle, bottom pix rev.

easily undone, 2 words: belt slap

looking for feedback please.

this is for a problem i've been chasing a while

Re: why idlers?

Does it eliminate the belt slap? If so, good job.

Re: why idlers?

Rollo Tomassi /

I like. I wonder what RPM those bearings spin at? I remember this being an issue when I had a similar idea. I couldn't seem to get off my ass and try it though.

Re: why idlers?

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

Good idea if it doesn't put too much pressure/load on the crank. Just a thought.

Re: why idlers?


fuckin' glenn, yall should see his coffee mug

Re: why idlers?

Rollo Tomassi /

I think the spring in the rear Grande pulley would keep it from putting to much stress on the crank.

Re: why idlers?

Glenn Kuehn /

i can't find the video of a variated M/C on a dyno, you could really see the waveform build up in the belt, nature of the beast i think.

i did the motor mount mod, removed the riveted plate to allow belt adjustment.

tech: i used VW timing belt idler pulleys, free if you know where to scrounge

35mm long bolt, stacked flat and 1 lock washer, plenty of room to the tire.

on the stand, i see very little of the prior belt oscillations, need time to do a full 2 pulley review, running with 1 didn't impress me.

not a spoiler, this is the precursor r&d to a mod that may change... alot.

i just need to "get off my ass and try it though."

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