Best mods to reach 45mph on Sachs Suburban???

Bought an '80 Sachs Suburban. I want to up the performance a bit. This will be my primary mode of transportation to work and around town. I'd like to get this pup up to 40 - 45 mph in order to keep with traffic. What's the most cost effective route to do so?

I've looked into the 70cc kit and other additional mods but dont currently have the funds to do so.

Re: Best mods to reach 45mph on Sachs Suburban???

get a better intake/14-15mm carb/airfilter. find a better stock cylinder on buy/sell forum or widen exhaust/intake ports, put a decent pipe on it. i bet you could pull that off for a little over 100$ if you got used parts. that should get you close to 40 or more.

kitting sach's is kind of a big deal and i have seen them do pretty all right on stock-ish setups. will swoop knows a lot about them.

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