bigger rear wheel/top speed?

i gots me a pretty darn fast little ciao. for a 62cc dr kit anyway. i am hitting 48 (iphone) w/ the calibratta on it. i just got another ciao, and i like to run a mag wheel on rigids so i got that 17" 5 star off treats.

i plan to put the 17 on my fast ciao. i am thinking this may get me to around 50. or just make it top out at a lower rpm.

i figure i'll be pretty bad ass if i can get a stock case ciao to 50 on a cheapo kit. still does wheelies, even w/ the big simo on there.

my secret: don't go all the way back when you match the top transfers, just make little dips in the mating surface for the holes in the piston to match up with.

Re: bigger rear wheel/top speed?

That's a good idea. I was gonna look got mags got my ciao but couldn't find any 17" so I stuck with the spokes so I won't lose any top speed. Not to worried about the low end and mid cuz its variated.

Can't wait for my new kit and pipe to get here so I can post some numbers.. I took my transfers back a good amount when porting so well see how our numbers compare.. 35 felt fast on my ridgid ciao, can't wait to see how 45+ feels.

Re: bigger rear wheel/top speed?

Honestly Tim, I don't think it makes a noticeable difference in top speed. My ciao has 17in mags, and the transmission blew a seal two weeks ago so I swapped the rear wheel out with a 16in cross mag. With a 2.5 tire on that 16, it's so close to being the same size that it doesn't really matter. I think that you'd get more results by swapping around the transmissions, i.e. putting the tranny from the 16 into the 17 to see if that gets you anything, because different sized vespa wheels have different internal gearing. That's my .02, let us know what you figure out.

Re: bigger rear wheel/top speed?

I was hitting 50 on my Grande with a stock case, Dr, and calibretta. I'm sticking that engine on my rigid Ciao with the hopes that the lighter weight may net me a few more mph. If not, there's always gears. 16" snowflake rear.


Re: bigger rear wheel/top speed?

Salsa Salsa /

It might help if you get a smaller front wheel

Re: bigger rear wheel/top speed?

i got a tranny that came w/ 16s, and another i'm not sure of. maybe i'll pick up some olympia gears. go scraPyard! did you cut your crank at all?

Re: bigger rear wheel/top speed?

I used a Mazzuchelli cut crank, 13.13, Polini vario and yellow spring.

Re: bigger rear wheel/top speed?

Yeah, smaller wheel in the front so you're always going downhill!

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